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The 1-Stringed presplit Bamboo-cane Ektara?

Ektara's normally have a cane of bamboo split in two with a soundbox at the base and a tuning peg at the top. The bamboo is pressed together to change the pitch of the string...

I've changed things a bit...

I chopped a length of fresh bamboo at two nodes, making a closed cylindrical bit of bamboo. Then embedded a piezo at one end, attached that to a socket I took from an old tape recorder. Cut a slot into the handle end of a BBQ skewer and drilled some small holes for the string, and voila! The 1-Stringed presplit Bamboo-cane Ektara. Or shall we just call it Dave?

Turn the handle to change the pitch of the string, best played into an amp 'cause it's hard to hear otherwise!

Sound clip after the jump...